• What is this?

    PFC live office hours is an optional add-on to the "how to invest" course. You can sign up to join Jeremy live via zoom weekly for semi-private coaching session.

  • When are the office hours?

    They're live via Zoom on weekly Wednesdays at 8pm ET, 5pm PT.

  • What happens during office hours?

    We talk about parts of the course people found confusing, current events, general personal finance and investing tips, and answer questions from attendees!

  • Do I get charged every month?

    Yes, but you can cancel any time. One month may be plenty to learn everything you need!

  • Can I ask a question during office hours?

    Yes! To have the best chance of having your question answered, ask it over in the Office Hours category of the PFC Community. Jeremy will also try to answer questions that come in via the Zoom based on time allowed.

  • If I miss the office hours can I watch the recording?

    Yes! The recorded version of all the office hours will be available in this course.

Course curriculum

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    PFC Live Office Hours

    • Office Hours Details - How to Connect

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    Video Archive

    • How to view past office hours

    • 2020-10-07 PFC Office Hours Live!

    • 2020-10-14 PFC Office Hours Live!